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The theme was the Happy Hatters Tea Party, the place was the Tower Gardens, York and the date was 17th August.   It was the place to be to celebrate diversity and as reported in the Evening Press, it really was ‘Hats off to a day of glitz and glamour’.

Despite a murky start, the event got well underway with just over a hundred LGBT people along with their friends and families gathering to celebrate York’s second Pride event.    The event kicked off shortly after 12.00 when the clouds disappeared and the August sun came out to the delight of all (and much to the relief of the organising team!).  The event itself was well supported with live funk and soul music being provided by
Cassee Wilson, Jess Gardham, Jesus & the Funky Monkeys and DJs Rich and Rus.  A range of market stalls provided a real community feel to the event, particularly the ‘make your own hat stall’ organised by Karen Johnson. Karen’s amazing creative skills did us proud, supporters of the event and passers by thoroughly enjoyed the chance to cut, stick, colour and create their own little unique piece of ‘hat’ pride.  

Whilst our York Pride 2008 event was never going to be able to contend with the likes of Brighton, Manchester or Leeds, the humble occasion provided local people with the hope that York Pride will become an annual event.  This year’s occasion was seen as the launch pad for all future York Prides and based on Sunday’s success, I think it’s fair to say that York Pride has earnt its place on the Pride UK map - it’s here to stay and I can tell you that with a little help from the York LGBT Forum, planning for York Pride 2009 is already underway.

“It’s fun, it’s glamorous, it’s outrageous, it’s sticking your tongue out at being boring and it’s all about being who you are and being proud of it”Nesh Vaswani, Event Organiser.





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